a life insurance policy is a marketable asset

Clearwater Financial Marketing (CFM) educates, trains and facilitates Registered Representatives and Life Insurance Agents through the process of Life Settlements, a new wealth management tool that is helping thousands of seniors with an exit strategy from unwanted life insurance policies.

The CFM Difference

thumbnail imageThrough the utilization of a proprietary on-line auctioning platform, CFM is able to improve upon the efficiency in the life settlement bidding process as compared to the traditional “voice auction” method.

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Recent Life Settlement Cases

thumbnail imageFace Amount: $1,250,000
Policy Types: $500,000 UL & $750,000 Term Rider
Insured: Male, age 81
Medical Condition: Cardiovascular issues
Settlement Amount: $319,241 - check to client

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Life Settlements

thumbnail imageA life settlement is the sale of an existing life insurance policy that gives the policy owner a cash settlement in excess of the current cash surrender value. Life Settlements provide policy owners with an exit strategy from unwanted or unneeded life insurance policies, while providing financial professionals with opportunities

to better maximize their clients’ financial objectives.

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