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Clearwater Financial Marketing, LLC (CFM) is a full service life settlement brokerage firm. CFM facilitates the sale of existing life insurance policies in order to deliver the highest possible price to the policy owner from our network of qualified funders and providers in the secondary market. CFM’s institutional clients consist of some of the nation’s leading financial services firms, including broker/dealers, banks and independent insurance agencies. CFM also works with financial planners, attorneys, CPA’s and charitable organizations to provide their clients with access to a contemporary, compliant and efficient life settlement brokerage program.

Executive Profiles

  • Jack Kenney
  • Donna M. Eppes
  • Bob O'Mara
  • Boyd Crisler

Jack Kenney Jack Kenney - Chairman

Jack joined Western Reserve Life Assurance Co. of Ohio (WRL) in 1961 as an agent. He quickly became a General Agent in Dayton, Ohio and built an agency before moving to the Home Office in 1967 as National Sales Director. He was appointed President in 1978 and Chairman and Chief Executive Officer in 1982. He spent over 40 years with WRL and InterSecurities (ISI). In 1985, he started the first multi-manager mutual fund known as IDEX. AEGON purchased WRL and IDEX in 1990.

In partnership with AEGON, Jack started a money management company in 2000. When the assets under management reached $1 billion he sold his interest to AEGON in 2006. Again, with AEGON as his partner, he started a business for them called Clearwater Financial Marketing. This operation is currently offering a Life Settlements program as well as a new product created by Jack and WRL called the WRL Benefactor.

Jack is highly respected in the industry and has been a pioneer in the combination of life insurance, annuities and mutual funds.

Steve AllbrittonDonna M. Eppes - Director of Operations





Steve AllbrittonBob O’Mara – Partner and Director of Institutional Sales

Bob has over 20 years of extensive financial services industry management, sales, new business development and marketing experience, with a concentration in the distribution of annuities, life insurance and mutual funds through broker/dealers and bank investment programs nationally.

He owned and operated a financial services institutional consulting business and also held senior level positions with both GE Financial Assurance (GNA) and Aetna Life &

Annuity, managing sales activities for variable and fixed annuities and mutual fund products in bank investment programs.

Bob has primary responsibility at CFM to acquire and manage relationships for CFM for its Life Settlements program and for the distribution of various insurance and annuity products through broker/dealers and investment firms throughout the country. He holds a graduate degree from Rollins College and an undergraduate degree from the University of Central Florida.

Boyd CrislerBoyd Crisler – Partner and Director of Life Settlements

Boyd Crisler manages the Life Settlements program for CFM. Boyd is a graduate of University of Tennessee, 1983 (Degree in Finance) and is a Licensed Life Agent. He was a member of the 1980 U.S. Olympic Swim Team.

Boyd’s experience in the Life Settlement industry includes both the policy acquisition side and the money side. As a broker he has been involved in many acquisitions on simple policies as well as complicated multi-layered split trusts transactions. He has helped introduce pooling of US settled life policies in China as well as Scandinavia.

Prior to entering the life settlement industry he was successful in various entrepreneurial ventures.


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