The CFM Difference

Life Insurance Industry Experience

With combined experience of nearly 150 years in the financial services industry, the partners of Clearwater Financial Marketing, LLC bring a broad base range of insurance knowledge to the firm. CFM CEO and majority partner Jack Kenney served as Chairman and CEO for the same life company, Western Reserve Life (WRL) with which he started as a field agent some 40+ years ago. Throughout the years, Jack has developed lasting professional relationships with many leading individual agents, agencies and producer groups. He created IDEX, the first multi-manager mutual fund in the industry, and was a pioneer in developing and distributing variable annuity and variable life products long before their tremendous rise in popularity in the mass markets. In 1991 WRL, an affiliated Broker-Dealer (InterSecurities, Inc.) and the IDEX Mutual Fund group were acquired by AEGON, one of the top 5 insurance conglomerates in the world. Today, WRL is a sister to another AEGON life company, Transamerica, whose pyramid-shaped building in San Francisco has become a true national landmark. In today's world of short-term loyalty, there are not many companies that can boast of a leader who was "in the trenches" in its formative years, whose career spanned more than three decades, and who ultimately retired as Chairman and CEO. Although Jack has since retired as Chairman/CEO of WRL, ISI and IDEX, he has established himself as a true landmark in the world of financial services and remains active in the life settlement industry as current CEO and partner of Clearwater Financial Marketing, LLC.

Accent on Compliance

Our background in variable life and securities marketing serves as the foundation for a strong compliance-oriented approach to the life settlement business. Our partners are FINRA licensed and several have experience as registered securities principals and OSJ managers. We believe that we have a fiduciary obligation to help provide our clients with access to as many buyers of life insurance policies in the secondary market as possible.

Staying on Top of an Ever-Changing Industry Environment

Our partners have made a commitment to attend industry conferences, workshops and training sessions so that we are always on the leading edge of the latest industry developments. As a member in good standing of our industry’s leading advocacy group, The Life Insurance Settlement Association, CFM prides itself in keeping up-to-date on the latest developments and changes in the industry

Maximizing Efficiency through Technology

Through the utilization of a proprietary on-line auctioning platform, CFM is able to improve upon the efficiency in the life settlement bidding process as compared to the traditional “voice auction” method. Just as Ebay has revolutionized the way people sell and buy things, our system brings the power of technology to the world of life settlements.

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