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The development of a thriving secondary market for life insurance policies has introduced a new planning dimension for financial advisors. Through the ability to offer their senior clients a new type of “exit plan” from unwanted, unneeded or unaffordable life insurance policies, financial professionals are better equipped to meet their fiduciary obligation.

Studies have shown that many senior policy owners who have engaged in a life settlement transaction often rely on the advice from their financial professional before deploying their sale proceeds to other asset management vehicles, long term care coverage or even to a more up-to-date, lower cost life insurance policy.

A life settlement is a sophisticated process that requires credible evaluation of product suitability, full disclosure, and affirmation by the client. If professionals lack the requisite settlement expertise, it is advised that they seek guidance from, and delegate transaction duties to, a reliable and trustworthy firm that specializes in the process. Financial professionals across the country have relied on Clearwater Financial Marketing, LLC (CFM) to act as their “back-office” partner in tending to the often-tedious details of the life settlement transaction process. CFM provides licensing help, initial case screening, marketability review, bidding management, and assistance during the complex closing phase for the

professional advisor.

Our background in the life insurance and securities industries serve as a backdrop to our life settlement business model. We pledge that each and every transaction will be conducted in an ethical, legal and economically responsible manner.

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